When did you cave?


I know what it feels like when that high is just above your fingertips

The fluttering inside never stops when purgatory is common

I’ve felt it too many times before when the sky has told me it’s limit

But its too distant when my life is compared to a lemon

Fresh and bright, oh so so high

I’ve sung to those who have never tried

In the midst of it all I flip over in my grave only to see words beneath me

“When did you cave?”

You’re a fraud driving me up these hills

At the back of my throat I choke

Against all odds my stomach flips with the bloomers

To give my open space to you

Releasing the blame, like the blamer you are

I am stronger than your terms

You can’t hear me over the pounding of your own appellation within a single pew

Location of your own, is the only nature you know

To change is an understatement,

But to love is broader than any charismatic soldier that stood by your soul

surreal poetry
Tessa Tabor
Tessa Tabor
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