Leaving The Cage

I am more than a bird.

Leaving The Cage

The sun rises and things become clear,

All the worry all the fear,

I've found my path and I move toward my goal,

I am finally taking back the world they stole,

I'm free for I have finally discovered how to be at peace now,

It took me years to figure out how,

Now I wait for the future to unfold,

I see a road that's made of brick that's old,

You see someone I love painted the picture for me to see,

The future for us it must be,

I know it's my future my world,

Now I just wait for my wings to unfurl,

I am going to fly someday you just wait and see,

I am going to be free,

But until then I wait patiently in my cage,

Till finally I am of age,

Then nothing will stop my flight,

And I'm going to fly at the highest height,

You mark my words I will be free,

You will see in the sky a new me.

Anna Palmer
Anna Palmer
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Anna Palmer

I love animals, sometimes more than myself, I battle Anxiety every day, and I love writing. I like to think I have an old soul and can get along with just about anyone.

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