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by KK245 7 months ago in sad poetry


Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

I hope in my last

The time would be slow

I don't want to be fast

Because I have something to show

This garden of mine

I made it for you

Do you know why?

Because you love lavenders that bloom

Remember this poem I made

Just for you, my heart you chased

This garden, like my feelings

Lively and so freely

Try to remember

The lavanders you picked

You gave it to me, a gardener

I froze a little bit

I'm your shovel in the soil

You're the seeds beyond the toil

I'm the water for the ground

You're the sun, safe and sound

I'm the gardener

Who loves making poem

There's something beautiful than a flower

It is the girl I treated more than a flower.

sad poetry


Be , what you are!!!

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