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Roundabout grief

By Christine YaegerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Lavender in a roundabout, St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Lavender buzzes and breathes its scent to the trees and passersby catch the breeze, sunrise glows worries flee

For this moment 'I can breathe', beauty frees to pause, reflect, enjoy, and deflect the heavy stench of death.

It's a roundabout grief, it catches up with you standing in the middle choosing to remain affectable

To suffering; to sunlight and the beauty and life, entering the dance of lavender and bees pollinating.

Lavender waits all winter, it's roots dormant, until the ground thaws and warmth renews and the purple florets burst forth, life-giving.

Entertaining the tension of hope.

nature poetry

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