Late afternoon thoughts

Some pieces of my mind and of my thoughts expressed through poetry.

Late afternoon thoughts


See the goodness in everything

and goodness will grow within you.

Search for beauty only

and you’ll be beautiful too.

Speak kind words to everyone

and warmth through your veins will run.

•MY LOVER• (Dedicated her)

On that dark night

everything seemed dark, but her.

All was gloomy, except that girl.

And the moon shone on her skin

which looked like liquid diamonds.

And her eyes sparkled from within

with the fierceness of lions.

Her lips tasted like the milky way

and galaxies were hidden in her smile.

She was a sunray

that would shine through a mile,

and I was her lover,

who her lips would cover.

•MY LOVER• (Dedicated him)

There is a darkness about him

and fierceness in his eyes.

His being radiates mysticity

and his wild, black hair

breezes in the air.

His bright eyes indicate savageness,

but despite everything

the spring lives in his heart

and warmth flows through his veins.

His arms feel like a shelter and like protection

from the misery and darkness of this world.

He is my hope, he is my home.

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