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L Of 8

by Seth Thomas 4 months ago in performance poetry

All Ways, Sideways, Always

L Of 8
Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

I'm on Level ATE! Elevate. Levitate.

We are opposites if you're on level HATE,

at the Devil's gate,

knocking, hoping Heaven waits.

I'm making this a better place!

You can try but cannot stop me.

I was born for war; not yesterday!

Forever is my destination!

I've been patient, pacing.

I've been playing.

I've been praying for the day when I rock the nations!

Not taking any longer…I'm not taking any chances.

I'm not taking any fake shit.

I'm not doing this for glances.

What I'm taking is...

Anything I want; everything you got.

I am everything you've ever been afraid of, except a cop.

Vampire. Dragon. Wizard. Ninja. Pirate. Psycho.

Angel-In-A-Demon-Suit… just how far below do I go?

I know... but you don't. Try though.

If you wanna fly then, you gotta die so…

By Jove,

death is what you live this life fo'!

performance poetry

Seth Thomas


Seth Thomas is a self-contained asylum for corrupt entities and vigilante heroes; currently locked inside his own brain cell, being CrAzY Creative!


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