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L'amour en vert

by Emily LeClaire 4 months ago in love poems

Love in Green

L'amour en vert
Photo by D. Jameson RAGE on Unsplash

Awakening and alive,

as a chartreuse spring.

Bustling; a busy hive

makes us want to sing.

Fire lit in em'rald eyes,

a new love begins.

Embers blaze against the skies.

Could it be a sin?

Envious in evergreen,

seasons quickly change.

Hues much better left unseen,

now are all but strange.

One of many diff'rent shades;

hearts are shattered now.

Consumed by the most precious jade.

Had it mattered? How?

Coasting through the loathful seas

as depression looms.

Viridian locks - no keys;

trapped within a tomb.

The zest of lime, it infiltrates,

burning em'rald eyes.

That numbness hastily abates,

as my spirits rise.

love poems

Emily LeClaire

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Emily LeClaire
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