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To Know or Not to Know

By Jason ShipleyPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

So you move to an area that is ghetto and known for having several different gangs; Even if in the vicinity where they are known to frequent and hang.

They are everywhere you go since every corner is where they post up to slang; Hustle, whatever you may refer to it but each corner is another color that is banged or claimed.

Separate sets all around means you need to know what each color means; That way if not affiliated yourself you can go places clean

By clean I mean without worries of being mistaken as a member; Especially by a rival crew cause could end up being the last thing you remember .

Next thing you know you are in front of those large pearly gates; All since the shoes you had on were a gangs color and that was your mistake

I have personally been there and done that when learning these things on the fly; This is my way of paying it forward since one mistake can mean someone could die

Now I also know from firsthand experience that if you move to the hood; That people will try to educate you on the ins and outs, do's and don't or should, would, or could.

Like what you can buy at the stores depending on the color of your skin; If you are white then there are alot of things you can't walk around safely in.

Such as college gear like North Carolina or Duke since they are blue; Most places refuse to sell of that ilk over what could happen to you.

Professional sports are much worse to take chance to wear; Colorado Rockies has the CR that Crips adopted as symbols so you must be aware.

Another big one for gangs is the good ole Boston Red Sox; The big B perfect for the Bloods so they choose that team to rock.

Of course it's not just sports teams you must be enlightened to; Clothing line brands are also big indicator for gangs, sends me ack to the Soo Woo.

Sorry that's the Bloods again and a clothing brand everyone is familiar with; Being Calvin Klein where the logo CK is itself disrespectful to there main rival Crips.

You must understand that CK stands for rip Killer on the streets; So just imagine what could happen if have that on and happen to meet.

A group of Crips who don't give a damn that's just your favorite clothing brand; All they see is the sign of disrespect of what they live for and stand.

One glance your way and before know what's going on since your lost in translation; Only hear the pop from the gun unloading on you without hesitation .

How loud depends on the caliber but then utter and complete silence; Everything goes dark, you don't hear the people yelling and screaming or police sirens.

May not seem like a realistic thing to go down to you I suppose; But that same reality affects many each year all from wearing the wrong clothes.

Shoes also have strong meanings so they are also good to know; Such as British Knights or BK, no need to explain what those 2 words stand fo'

Colors are not the only thing you need to learn the basics of what they stand for; Also boundaries, hidden lines you may cross to go places needed like the grocery store .

You may not get why told what to wear or where to go or to not; Just know it is all worth it if it prevents you from getting shot.

Mistaken identity is, as sad as it is to say, common at least where I am from; Resulting in homicides from wearing wrong color or clothes or being in the wrong slum.

ome places have more than just basic Blood, Crip, VL, GD, or Latin Kings; And that is street gangs which can even be re of a dangerous thing.

My home town has street crews comprised of several different rival gangs; That bond together for the street they live and colors are secondary for a change.

That equates to certain areas being known as way more dangerous; So something simple as getting off the school bus can be hazardous.

Most bus drivers would let you know or try dissuade you from committing suicide; That is getting off at s wrong exit already filled with RIP memorials from others that died.

Might sound wild to you if you never seen or experienced any of this before ; I say count your blessings if this beyond your realm of life outside your front door.

Please realize this world is legit and damn sure is there and exists; Check a towns crimes rate, where is most of it on the list? That is where it is.

That's the part of town people like me grew up and claim as our ; The type of laces your parents warned you not to go since they not safe to roam.

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