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by Micheal Rogers 5 months ago in performance poetry
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senor rambler

The time has come for my journey to begin

I don't know where I am going nor what I will see

The beautiful landscape of the west or the always enduring Atlantic coast

Maine or Arizona

Florida to Oregon

The Joshua trees or the maple leaves

The road has called me and I must answer

I may get stuck somewhere and stay a while

Or I may speed through just counting the miles

I'm taking nothing with and leaving a season of my life behind

There may be people in need of my company

There may be prisons that want to institutionalize me

There may be some good news and bad

There may be soft women or there may be hard times

I may become a vagrant and in need of a hand up

I may become rich in Vegas and can loan you a buck

The tires are antsy just wanting me to point out the way

To a cities crowded street or a long lonesome highway

The hills and rivers of Appalachia or the San Francisco bay

The snowy Rocky mountains or a downtown park with it's beautiful fountain

This thirst is unquenchable I think if I stay my mind may get worse

I have never been homesick and I never will

My home is the highway the road is my thrill

I'm going now don't beg me to stay

If I don't call or write for a while, don't worry I'm ok

It's not you that I'm leaving but our season has come

You should find excitement, you really need some

I'm going to be driving real fast and chasing my dream

Day and night, low and high beam

performance poetry

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Micheal Rogers

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