The Ice Swan


During the ice age

Katarina skated from the northern territory of Russia

down through Mongolia and China

but as she glided closer to India

the ice started to melt.

So, she made a right hand turn to the west

and headed north back up through Kazakhstan to visit her cousin,

Maria in Romania.

When she arrived in Romania she came to the ice edge of the Emerald Forest.

Unfortunately, her left skate got wedged in between two icebergs.

To try and escape, she elegantly raised both her arms and right leg.

Like a swan stuck on a frozen lake, she became petrified, locked in time for years.

When the ice finally melted, trees grew in her hair

and around her body transforming her into a permanent figure in time

with a most graceful pose no other skater has been able to replicate.

nature poetry
Tony Martello
Tony Martello
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Tony Martello

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