by Melina Giorgalletou about a year ago in heartbreak

You're a bitch.


Guilt sometimes drowns me under the wholeness of the feeling,

Like water reaching for your lungs, waiting to suck the life out of you.

Maybe Karma really came after me

even when I did something out of spite

or without thinking,

nonchalantly believing I'm doing the right thing,

When it actually hurts someone in the process.

Maybe being mean to someone for a brief moment

of anger and then regret

brings Karma to your door to say "hello,

I'm not giving you the guy you want so easily

because you've hurt someone

and now you're going to get hurt"

(like I don't get hurt every day).

"Karma, you're a bitch," I shout.

She just smiles and gives me a haunting look

like she knows this is going to end


she knows torturing me is a way

for me to repay.

Through being robbed of happiness

and the chance to be with the man of my dreams:

is the payment.

Karma, you're a bitch.

Melina Giorgalletou
Melina Giorgalletou
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