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Just Saying

by Warwick Holding 2 years ago in social commentary
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Just Saying

Best educate them, to be dumb .Then vote in Donald Trump

He cant be impeached .The laws won’t reach

And with the wrath of a child, bomb Iran

Banks own the bombs, so they can

Why not There’s oil there

All for them, Not enough to share

Better still, just start a war

They’re good at that. Done it before

Fake some terrorism, and then invade

Another central bank, and best plans laid

While on the other side, of the pond

Time for Brits to respond

Brexit, time to leave EU

No plans of what they’ll do

Vote in Boris, and the tories

With false promises and stories

Even after years of Austerity

Believe the lies, that you’ll have prosperity

Fuck the poor, it belongs to the rich

Just make do, isn’t life a bitch

The double act of trump and Johnson

Your futures fucked, it’s all gone wrong

Now in cahoots, to expend their empire

Masonic, demonic, Jesuits and higher

Agenda 21, depopulation, and control

Forget what you used to know

Corona virus, via social media

Propaganda, forced vaccines gets nearer

Lockdown, quarantine and martial law

All sport cancelled or behind closed doors

5G launched, radiating on every street

Quick download-time, but skin feels the heat

Microsoft, Google Facebook and You tube

All involved and decide what can be viewed

Cashless society , worldwide digital currency

Microchip implants. Don’t worry it’s free

Genetic engineering, and AI technology

Chemtrails fucking up our biology

Indoctrination of the new generation

To become part of a one world nation

One religion, one power, the final tyranny

Remember when the theory was just conspiracy

Just Saying

social commentary

About the author

Warwick Holding

I’ve always been a storyteller, I’d love to say I was a writer, but I can’t. If people were even reading this on the toilet. I’d be humbled.

I write short, but true stuff, I try to mix honesty with humour, because it’s the only way I know

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