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Just My Hair

by Vincent P. Terry about a month ago in inspirational
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Self Esteem

Just My Hair
Photo by Adrian Fernández on Unsplash

A poem by Vincent P. Terry

Just My Hair

Black girl Black girl, what do you think is wrong with your hair?

You stare in the mirror, wishing someone else was there, but it is only you and your Black hair.

And, where! will it go if you do anything to your Black hair? In the morning it will still be there, just like the rain, you and your Black hair.

And, when you go outside, with your Black hair, way over there! and people stare, what will they think about you and your beautiful Black hair?

Will you too be ashamed that there is a kink or two, here or there, and try to hide from their glare?

Or will you raise your head high and be proud of your beautiful Black hair?

So, walk not with your head and heart hanging down in torment and scorn, hoping that they look the other way as you go about your day.

Say a greeting magical or charming if you must, but always be proud of your beautiful Black hair.


About the author

Vincent P. Terry

My thoughts, dreams, and experiences as a story. Mainly true, with a twist of fiction to give my writing color and excitement.

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