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Just Move a Little

by Serena Arnold about a year ago in inspirational
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One Step

Just Move a Little
Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash

Just move a little. Easier said sometimes right? What if one step led to two steps, and two steps led to four? Now a stroll in the light that truly revives heart and mind. Clarity and peace come with each shoe sole touching the ground. Strength and confidence are found again. Breathing becomes easier the more each breath is released. Sweat is welcome, a sign of determination and endurance. An addictive behavior it becomes, but one that restores, restructures and transforms. Just move a little. This new found pleasure has moments of pain which results in new strength. Feeling the weight of this journey as I run into energy. Resting becomes a luxury, as is needed to remain in this place of flexibility. A new day may bring an uncomfortable stretching but as I embrace this new way, I continue to find my strength. Just move a little. As I look forward to the next push, pull and lunge, a new way of thinking has begun. The dullness has brightened. The fogginess has cleared. So thankful for this place, one I now revere. One step led to two steps. Two steps led to four. A stroll in the light truly revived my heart and mind and I am better now for sure. Just move a little.


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