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June is over, what now?

by Duncan Munro 2 months ago in social commentary
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How do we continue after "our" month?

Image taken by Zakharova_Elena

I'm struck by the need for connection,

The unholy, unashamed want for something more.

My feelings lacking, little empathy but compassion

In abundance, I want for them more than they had before.

I finally have friends who know, who understand

That this seventh sin displayed in glory these thirty days

Isn't something to swim from in fear, but dry land

For the ostracised and spat-upon, the generalised "gays".

I may not feel their emotional ties

But I have my own.

When the sick, old world dies,

We'll know that we've grown.

As people, communities, one globe united,

We celebrate who we are without judgement or hate.

No terror in a child's mind at violence incited,

No hiding from family, or sneaking out for a date.

That's the future I want to, yearn to see,

A tapestry of personalities combined with one voice.

And not just for my friends, nor just for me,

But for all who were told "Being gay's just a choice".

It's a wonderful month, June,

The sun gets to shine.

Your time will come soon,

And, I hope, so will mine.

For now though: it's over, July is here,

It's back to our day jobs, studies, our lonely little couch.

We dress in drab clothing, little suggestion we're queer,

Although some can flaunt it, a lot of us aren't "out".

"I've still got time", I say to myself,

"No need to decide on a label just yet".

My jewellery, flag, and heart goes back on its shelf,

For the next eleven months I'll try not to forget.

Like most of us, I'm confused,

About what and who I am.

Emotions battered and bruised,

By a life lived like a traffic jam.

I wait, and wait, and wait,

Inching on, and on, and on.

To find my destination, my fate,

For I've languished far too long.

Once all is said and done,

The Pride before the Fall.

We all should be as one,

For the one of us, and all.

social commentary

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Duncan Munro

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  • Rebekah Theresa Roberts2 months ago

    I love the way you're able to take your vulnerabilities and channel them into such powerful writing. Thank you for sharing!

  • Luna Lee Bear2 months ago

    Lovely piece. I think that living a vulnerable, honest life helps other people become more understanding of what we represent. Eventually, labels and definitions will no longer be necessary :)

  • Daniella Cressman2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing. Excellent work.

  • Wow this is incredibly heartfelt, raw, & well written. Thank you for expressing your truth that I’m sure will resonate with many hearts in such an authentic way 💚

  • Stephen Green2 months ago

    This is beautiful. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

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