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Jumped Ship

A Poem

By Jessica RasilePublished 6 years ago 1 min read

He doesn't bother to check in on her often anymore, but she doesn't care.

She takes whatever crumbs he tosses her way.

She always has and she always will, cause she loves him.

I have no idea why or how she could still love that man, but she does.

Maybe even more now.

It makes no sense to me.

She wants him, still.

Crazy how the heart won't let go, even to the things it knows will kill you.

It's been so long now, you would think that time wouldn't have given her any other choice, but she's held on.

Her grip is so tight on the fantasy she has of him and her.

She's doesn't understand that that's not her reality anymore, and it may never be.

That ship left the dock long ago,

and though from time to time it drifts back, it never stays.

It's always leaving her standing there.


I want to shake her and tell her to move on, but who am I?

Why would she listen to me?

I know better, and maybe she doesn't know that.

Maybe she doesn't want to.

Maybe she just doesn't care.

She has to let it go.


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Jessica Rasile

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