Free for All

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

To feel the greatest joy in the depths of our very soul

Yes, flowing through every vein, pumping in our hearts

Radiating off our skin, glowing for everyone to see

Contagious to man if he will allow this priceless

Gift that is inside every single human being,

Waiting to encapture, to expose the true nature

Of who we are meant to be, so so simple, yet

So many cannot seem to find this simple little

Fountain; just drink from it please

Fill your cup with joy, it costs you nothing

But without it, I fear the cost is so much higher

To walk through life blinded by self denial

Of such a beautiful experience, why I wonder?

To take off the blindfold and see for the first time

Is to be born again, stop telling yourself that

Joy is contingent upon anything else, dependent on

Any outside source, event or false stimuli that

You tell yourself you need to be happy

Wake up to the fact that joy is free and a choice

Once this is accepted and embraced

There will be no limits to the exhilarating feelings

Stop believing the lies and live in jubilation

Marilyn Glover
Marilyn Glover
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Marilyn Glover

I am a seasoned hospitality professional and aspiring writer. I especially love poetry and experimenting with different styles. My inspiration comes from personal life events and I am known to root for the "underdog." I am 48 years young.

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