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Joyful in you

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By MICHELLE SMITHPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Joy is found in the smallest things!

My heart leaps with joy each waking day

You died for my sinful ways

You are more than I deserve

I am thankful I found your word

You are my savior always have always will be

I am so glad you found me

As I wake each day, you are my guide

You have never let me down even in the darkest times you have been the light

No matter where I am you are right beside

You will never leave nor forsake me

You are my keeper

Through you all things are possible

Giving thanks in many ways to you fills my heart with peace and joy

Through you I am hopeful in days ahead to come

We can find peace through the struggle. We can overcome the darkest moments we are facing. We just need to focus on that little light shining through. Find your little light and follow it through.


About the Creator


Be the inspiration you want others to see. I just want to inspire others through poetry. We all need a bit of positivity and to know that there are others going through similar situations.

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