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by Jayden Lynn Dow about a year ago in inspirational
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I am Unique

Photo by Neil Su on Unsplash

You want to know what is unique?

Me, I am so unique I was born on March 25th of 1997.

My name is so unique it happens to be both of my parents names mixed, how cool is that?!

My Dad's name is Jason (Jay) for short

My Mom's name is Denise (Den)

So where my name comes from is aboslutely amazing! I love it, Jayden.

How many Jayden’s did you know of in 1997? If any?

I feel it is wickedly common now a days as most celebrities named their children Jaden or Jayden, Jaiden. The name is very commonly known now, I always wondered who the first Jayden was ever to be named that and how the spelling was!

I just feel it’s very unique I love telling people how my name came to be.

Thank you for reading my story!


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