Jacob's Snore

I wrote this about a traveling boy I met in Pennsylvania.

Jacob's Snore

Everything about you

Your ligaments

Your lips

Your limbs

Your eyes

Create the most fascinating


Of music

I've ever seen

Your tone sings smoother

Than a cello

And your fingers

Fabricate the most stunning compositions

As that delicate, non-matured mind

Composes the most beautiful arpeggios

And scales efficient enough

So that the whole world's judgment

Could improve

If lying within

Its crucibles and valves,

Even for a moment

How can one

Be so prodigious

To conduct such hypnotizing


(charming enough to lullaby me

Into submission)

While asleep?


I am enthralled

By you

With your keys and knobs

So clever

And fascinating,

Your design

And construction is envious

To God himself

I do not seek seek studence,

I cannot imitate

Your perfection,

Your beauty,

And your unique combination

of structures and straps,

pitches and tones


I will only sabotage

If I sought to


And make your sweet music

Into my own


With skewed perception

And I will not try to play you

as the majestic instrument

That you are,

All I want to do

is to listen to you play

Until the sun rises

Until our harmonies


And you're on your merry way

Serenading the world,

Until we meet again,

So that we will never hit

a sour note;

Nor ever fall off key,

You and me

Go forth.


The soil, rivers and streams

For there’s been a drought

without you -

The troubadour of Earth’s dreams

Go forth

compose more

Of what needs to be heard

And harmonize,


Every gust of wind

and chirp of a bird

You’re a breath of fresh air

From a woodwind

whose reeds caressing

My discoloring cheeks

through the curls in my hair

Tell me of your casting call

To inspire beyond

I cannot keep you as my own

As you write your own life’s song

love poems
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Pookie Rodriguez

Perpetually wandering, perpetually traveling, perpetually lost & uncomfortable,  looking for the greener side. Sometimes I write poetry in my sleep. Sometimes I play music mediocrely or write about my travels when I'm awake. 

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