It Will Be Worth It

I promise.

It Will Be Worth It

They never said your life would be easy, but it will be worth it

So always remember to measure your life against the backdrop of eternity

Knowing your time here is finite

And there is purpose attached to it

Measure your life by the lives you touch

The impact you have not on the world outside but the world inside the mind of every person you come across

There is a universe of experience within us all

Remember this when you experience a soul fighting to find itself

Remember when you yourself needed help, and offer what you needed instead

Stand firm in your beliefs, but continue challenging them,

You’ll either find that you were wrong, or further understand why your beliefs were worth believing in

Do not lose your will to believe.

The pursuit of a dream is continually acted upon,

We must not wander aimlessly through life when our time here is finite

Find the purpose attached to it and you will find the meaning for life

Measure your life by how closely aligned you are with your reason for being

Knowing you are not here by chance. You are not a quantity but an entity.

You are an expression of creation, the craftsmanship of a divine hand

Like the sun and moon, the sees and every tree growing out of land,

You were made to be here

So consider these trees, that bear fruit they will never eat,

The flowers, that give air without needing to breathe,

Understand your life is meant for the betterment of everyone and thing you see

It is not yours, but ours - we are all part of a larger whole

So in everything you do consider the impact you are leaving on our home

Miles Carter
Miles Carter
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