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It seems you now live in my dreams!

If I charged rent for this space, you'd be poor and I'd be rich, in all the wonderful ways you are wealthy.

By O.J.Siebel Published about a year ago 1 min read
It seems you now live in my dreams!
Photo by Wolf Zimmermann on Unsplash

I have this recurring dream,

I wake up and my head is spinning.

We’re outside a tent that sells spices with hot milk and honey.

Your body meets mine and your eyes are alive as they sing like the sea.

Your embrace is warm, warmer still is your smile.

The singing flows from the teepee tents, but we linger in the sun a while, linger in each other’s smiles.

There’s dancing in another tent nearby,

dancers with elegance that could make a grown man cry.

But still we stay,

out in the sun,

the two made one.

For his gaze sticks on me like honey,

His soul richer than spices, warm as the day is sunny.

Words dancing in my throat to the beat of my chest,

to not say them is truly a test.

A quiet moment, yet louder than roaring, captivating streams.

Holding eachother as though we were our own tantalising tent of delicious dreams.

When I wake, I know an unspeakable truth so deep down inside, where one conjures a scream.

I know somehow that this dream -

will follow me,

not like a shadow,

but like an afterglow.

And I know,


that this dream,

is no dream at all.

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I'm an old soul in an adventerous ocean loving, thrill seeking body. I adore story telling and poetry and everything in between, the unspoken and unseen.

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