It's So Hard to Be Yourself

by J K 2 years ago in inspirational


It's So Hard to Be Yourself

I think it's easy, at least for me, to pick out an identity for yourself

To decide that you're going to be this kind of person because maybe that will finally make you acceptable

But if you're deciding what face you will show to the world, and you choose one that is not your own,

then people can't accept you — it's like you're holding up a mirror to them and reflecting back whatever they want to see

They can't accept you, because it's not you they're seeing

and it's not you they're accepting

We have to be brave and have courage by our side if we are to be fully seen,

if we choose to be vulnerable

And that's hard

But if we are never vulnerable, we can never be accepted, and never be loved

And that's much harder

But vulnerability, letting ourselves fully be seen, is so beautiful

We all have beauty inside of us

We all have gifts hidden within us

We all have a childlike grin hidden behind a grown-up’s frown

But we only get to see it if you let us

And maybe some people will tell you to hide again

Maybe they won't understand

But if you choose to always be hiding,

no one ever will

Some people may not like you

But other people will absolutely adore you

And they make it all worthwhile

But I think that unapologetic authenticity is the most beautiful thing in the world

It is choosing to always be yourself,

no matter how many strange looks you may get or how silly you may seem

Authenticity doesn't care

It strives to be itself, and strives to be its best

Because it knows that it's the only way to be happy

And I think that's something we can have by our side, always

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