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It's Real

by Hufflecup about a month ago in love poems
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because it is you

I believe in soulmates now

I look at you

and I only see you

the strength of emotion I feel for you

could never fade

love is so important

it makes life worth living

humans crave love

we seek it in our desire for validation

so we socialize

we imitate

we compare

we talk to strangers

in hopes that we call them friends

because we need to be loved

and it makes us feel good

happiness is something we find together

people need people

but occasionally

we find that one person

that we love above everyone

we see the good

the bad

and the ugly

and only see perfection

so soulmates must be real

when the love is so deep

that you can't even fathom being with anyone else

that you could live a happy life as long as you saw them every day

that has to be a sign that you are connected on some cosmic level

so maybe that is what the soul is

that spark that gives us sentience

is that little piece of the universe

that stays with us

while we live

and our soulmate

is the universe's promise to us

that we are not alone

in the world

I think that is why

no one before you

kept my attention

the universe was telling me

to wait for you

I know soulmates exist

because I met you

love poems

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I want nothing more than to dedicate my life to writing, so I figured I would start here to test the waters. I will be submitting stories to as many communities as possible.

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  • Barbara Renoabout a month ago


  • N.Rabout a month ago

    Beautiful poem! :)

  • Emily Dickersonabout a month ago

    Interesting work! I full heartedly agree soulmates exist. I think that casual sex is so dangerous because creating soul ties with numerous people weakens the bond we have with our soulmates. Cool poem :)

  • CyCyabout a month ago

    This is beautifully written!

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