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It's coming

Crazy venting

By Zuck SchwartzerPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
It's coming
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


The small mountain village just fell asleep

The autumn wind came with a whirl

The sound of the wind was so strong

The small mountain village is still quiet

The wind whistles through the air

The wind pounds against the windows and doors and shakes the leaves and branches

The story of a tragic woman

Leaves a shadow that lingers

Frenzied venting

Makes my heart skip a beat

A cold chill to the bones

A full moon

Hanging in the middle of the sky

Blown by the wind

Shaking and swaying

Like fruit from a tree

The wind has stopped

A pile of leaves in the yard from east to west

That is the footprint of the wind

The wind has stopped

The texture of life is heavier

The weight of the heart is lifted

The world is calm and stable

nature poetry

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Zuck Schwartzer

Love is when you find someone better, yet you stay with the same person you promised to spend forever with——

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