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It Felt So Real

by Victoria Kadi 4 years ago in heartbreak
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A Poem About Blindly Falling in Love

It’s been a while since we broke things off

It felt so real

Or maybe I just wanted it to be real

So I ignored all the red flags and just hoped that it was

How irresponsible

Because ‘till this day I still think about you

I cherish our good memories

Replaying them in my head

Over and over again

Like when your hazel eyes looked right into mine and your signature, stupid, yet adorable smirk spread across your lips

For a second, the rest of the world really did disappear

It was just us

Just like in cliche romance books

But God, it was such an experience

Your dumb laugh and your iconic cockiness

You had me under a spell

You still do

And I often wonder if you still think of me the way I think of you


About the author

Victoria Kadi

I’m a teen from Florida that’s just starting out with poetry and writing. I’m not very experienced but I’m working towards improving my writing. I like to write poetry to express my feelings and face my raw emotions.

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