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Islamic poem

Lovely poem

By Mohd FahimPublished 18 days ago 1 min read
Islamic poem
Photo by Afif Ramdhasuma on Unsplash

Bismillah, in the name of Allah,

We start our day and our every dua.

Allah is the One who hears our plea,

And answers our prayers with love and mercy.

He created us from a single soul,

And sent us prophets to guide us towards our goal.

The Quran is our light in the dark,

And Allah's love is a never-ending spark.

In times of ease, we remember His grace,

And in times of hardship, we seek His embrace.

He is the One who provides for all,

And sustains us through every rise and fall.

Let us seek His forgiveness and mercy,

And strive towards His pleasure and bounty.

For in His love, we find eternal peace,

And in His remembrance, our hearts find release.

Oh Allah, we ask for Your guidance,

And seek Your blessings in every instance.

Make us among those who obey and follow,

And grant us a place in Jannah, where the righteous will wallow.

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