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Is Unhappiness Always Bad?

by Issac Castle 8 months ago in social commentary
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Is Unhappiness  Always Bad?
Photo by DAWN HIGHAM on Unsplash

Today I told a stranger online that I didn’t believe in feeling happy all the time

They gawked at me eyes widened

Apparently I’d admitted to a terrible crime

They interrogated me, insisting I must not be alright

And I sat there squinting

suddenly irritated by the computer light

Because I didn’t know what I said was strange

Certainly not worth this type of reaction-


I just feel a lot of different things


Emotions rise within like the tides

I didn’t say “I’m never happy” Sometimes I’m just “not happy”

I thought,

That meant I’d grown up

Because children chase pleasure and happiness

Adults know-

Should know the value of other emotions

My God, I’d never have known to leave my awful job

If I hadn’t gotten angry at everything and God

Sometimes I need a bout of depression as a reminder to partake in music-

and art-

and cooking-

and people-

and gardening-

and life expressions

If I didn’t have that then I’d loose all progression

If I’m not happy I want to know why

So, that I can identify and change what’s wrong in my life

No, I’m not happy all of the time

And I think that’s perfectly- naturally alright

social commentary

About the author

Issac Castle

I enjoy writing in my free time

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