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Is this the beginning of the seven year itch?

by Jeannine Kauffmann 8 months ago in inspirational
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When will we start to rethink our life.

Is this the beginning of the seven year itch?
Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

Is this the beginning of the seven year itch?

We have lived and dined and devoured all that was there.

We have enjoyed what we thought was our due but never paid anything back.

We used what by birth right was ours and took and shared without asking.

When will it all be erased forever?

When have we become so greedy

When did we start to care so little about each other and the world we will live to our grand children.

When did we start to hope for the best and squeezed the best out of what we saw.

We took what was never ours and forgot to ask to see the bill.

When it hits us in the face, dreaming of Christmas past,

Not last year's that one we’d like not to remember but all those before.

When plenty was our middle name and all there is, we need it now.

we took and sometimes remembered to share,

Still every day we hardly cope.

It is all there but none of it ours,

We will have to start to put back,

Not just money

But love and time,

Effort and thought,

if we do not do it, nobody else will.

Just mending as we go along,

A stich here and a bit of ironing over there,

This is no longer the way we should go.

True shifting of priorities is now needed.

How many pairs of shoes do any of us need?


About the author

Jeannine Kauffmann

Poetry writer in the early morning. Poetry as a wake up call. Then later I draw lines and colours. I have a page on Instagram my art other than words although it contains words too. Titles are important to finish a piece like a full stop.

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