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Into the Embers

by Amy Christie 2 months ago in inspirational
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Beyond Glow

Into the Embers
Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

I wanted to go on

living in morning dream

happy on this branch and the next,

chasing the sun

for smile

and happy thoughts.


I found rain and the night

came swiftly

with the breeze,

I know not where I lost

my handkerchief

of dreams.


Have they abandoned me for light,

can they wait on the sill

meet sunshine with the dawn,

caress a cloud,

learn to play

at twilight?


Without knowing the way

I came into a forest.

I can't come out

until daylight,

I cannot find the way,

it doesn't know my name.


Stay close, my dreams,

don't fly with whispers into sea

I need my island

and this branch

it may be dark,

but I am still at home,

among the leaves.


No shadow can chase love away

or break

one smile into a thousand sneers

glass stays whole

in spirit,

in faith,

I will come out of sorrow

and be near

moonflowers and the rain

of happy tears.


Letting go

comes in breaths,

saying goodbye

is not the end,

I will see you again,

if only in a dream,

chase long ago

when we felt sunlight was the bridge

to clouds and ever after

to never parting hands,

burying fears.


Embers surround me as I step

outside the glow that kept me safe

I touch the shadow, and it melts,

I go forth,

I believe

nothing can stop this dream,

we shared it, and it's ours,

I am left to see it come true

your wish, my wish,

will answer laughter lost

found once again

inside a rainbow tear.


© 2022 Amy Christie


About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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