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Inside Me

by Aswin Alex 2 months ago in inspirational / surreal poetry / sad poetry / how to · updated 2 months ago
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Let's take a peek inside me, shall we?

Inside Me
Photo by Laurenz Kleinheider on Unsplash

Comfort is a treasure hunt,

You keep looking for it,

At every point of your life,

As though someone hid it.


You think it’s the little bolster of yours,

As it puts you in deep sleep,

But you turn to your pillow at sixteen,

As life puts you in deep weep.


You think it’s the imaginary friend of yours,

As she never left your side.

Once you start making real friends,

The imaginary one is not in sight.


You think it’s the friend of yours,

As they make you strive.

You graduate and grow apart,

Apparently, they got a life.


You think it’s the love of yours,

As they give you the rope called hope.

Only for you to notice blood dripping down,

As shards of glass coat the rope.


You think it’s the job of yours,

As you feel accomplished,

Feeble catches up,

Your time to live life vanished.


Outside, I have always looked,

Inside, it’s always been.


Me, myself and I was the ultimate comfort.

A little narcissistic?

Perhaps, but when in tears,

You’re the only one that sticks.


“In a quest for comfort?”

Look into the mirror,

Not to adjust your appearance,

But your inner balance,

Where your comfort is a camper.

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About the author

Aswin Alex

Writing my way through this intriguing, bewildering, capricious yet inevitable thing called life.


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