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Inside-Bird and Outside-Bird

Birds are vertebrate animals adapted for flight

By bishnu prasadPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Inside-Bird and Outside-Bird
Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

A cold sound of a violin

Bird clears across the frozen stream

what's more, watches us from a higher place

as though taking a gander at the fish caught underneath the ice

Bird collides with the window

setting off a side effect

My nosebleed trickles into milk

In the dissipated group at the snow-shrouded square

two individuals walk one next to the other

It's virus isn't it?


Maybe we are the violin's support

The opening and shutting

of the hole between you and me

as though it were alive

a knotty, straightforward bird

too valuable to ever be contacted

It damages to peer down from a higher place

Two individuals walk next to each other

like the manner in which the light switches for the lounge area and kitchen sink are totally in line

like two words that show up on the rear of the page

composed by my educator, sluggish from a pain reliever

How magnificent assuming there were no entryways in either world

I at last feel it

that the world becomes as level as a mirror in the event that bird doesn't fly

that is the reason my bird flies even in rest

Bird pecks on the glass once more

setting off a side effect

From up in the air I can see

you and me strolling

as though I were checking the fish out

caught underneath the ice..

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Comments (1)

  • Testabout a year ago

    Wow. Another very beautiful poem. You are amazing.💙Anneliese

BPWritten by bishnu prasad

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