Innocence Revoked

A poem about society and double standards

Innocence Revoked

Fair skin, blonde hair, white dress

Untouched by the world, innocent

What many men dream of

A virgin, the ultimate fantasy

One day

That girl will lift her angelic veil

Above her petite waist

Her innocence will be no more

Corrupted by a wielded sword

No longer a virgin

No longer innocent

No longer wanted by men

What is she now

Other than dirty, shameful

A slut is what she will be labeled

A slut

For laying with a man

Whom she believed she loved

A single act

Is still a sin nonetheless

Her purity, ruined

Why is it

We must live in a world like this

So quick to judge

So quick to shame

An innocent girl, broken

Not by manhood

But by society.

social commentary
Briana Marie
Briana Marie
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