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Infinite Divinity

by Carra 2 years ago in love poems


Your gaze insures that there will be better days

Killing me softly with your sensitive rays

A gaze so beautiful that you deserve infinite praise

The appreciation of the admiration that your eyes displays

You constantly reminding me that my love for you is not a phase

But a wonderful lifestyle that continuously pays

His love is the only job that continues to give me a raise

A love i could never imagine leading me astray

The only job that keeps me paid in full

Your love so strong it turns me to a fool

You my love teach me every day that love always rules

Cherishing your heart like valuable jewels

For you my love id enter one million taboos

I have a ticking time bomb on the inside that only you can diffuse

Lord knows that when you’re not around you give me the blues

The fear of losing you stronger than the fear of any goblin or ghoul

With you by my side my love I will never lose

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