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Indigo Eyes

by Patrick Parker about a year ago in love poems
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Love Poems

Indigo Eyes
Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

Indigo eyes calling me.



Indigo eyes pulling me in.

Eyes fluttering as we meet.

I am magnetized.

Energized by the sight of you.

Do you feel it too?

The invisible glue.

That’s pulling me to you.

I feel the heat rise off the street.

There’s a connection between our feet.

Pulling us together from across the street.

Indigo eyes I see you materialized.



Indigo eyes I see you realized.

The power of your gaze.

Engulfs me in daze.

Wondering if this feeling will ever raise.

Indigo eyes, you are a maze.



Indigo eyes you are my craze.

love poems

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