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In Winter’s Pale

by Casey Promise Thompson 5 months ago in sad poetry · updated 5 months ago
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The Dark of Night

Art by Casey Promise Thompson

Swept down, down

Mind bending adrift

The dreadful quiet night

To mourn and sift


Stillness and chaos

Rumbling rivers of thought

Colliding waves of black

To what is and is not


Alone in the dusk

Spiraling images enter

Haunting burrowed memories

The darkness of winter


The devil of night

The mind fueled and grey

Cold luring of the ache

Dark nights in dismay


Body aches and contorted

Sheets twisted and bent

Screams silently nibble

On sins to repent


Dribble and drool

Hands clawing and pale

Convinced your soul

And self marooned in hell


Luring of the sun

Daydreamer of the warm

Breathe kindly to keep

At bay of sadness’s swarm

sad poetry

About the author

Casey Promise Thompson

I’m a Visual Artist, Omnist, Wordsmith and Chronic Daydreamer. Most of my work is fictional/fantasy short stories and poetry. See more below:


Instagram: CaseyPromise.art


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Nice work

Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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  1. Eye opening

    Niche topic & fresh perspectives

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