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In This Town: Feminism 'Gets Old'

A Poem

By Moriah C.Published about a year ago 2 min read
In This Town: Feminism 'Gets Old'
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In this town, Feminism gets old. She used to be a young woman. Full of life and hopes and dreams. She used to be loved by all women and respected by men, even if sometimes called, "Hey, Eccentric!". But now she is old and bent with gray hair and dreams spent. She lives alone in a secluded mansion, and nobody understands why she hasn't a spouse. But nobody knows that this town is where she has her roots. In this town, she danced to new tunes and walked under full moons.

Feminism was raised here. Running through the forest when she was a girl. Learning new skills and riding her scooter up and down the hills. Climbing the trees and making new friends. Learning morals, kindness, and making amends. Feminism was taught how to cook in the kitchen and clean the windowsills. How to vacuum, make pancakes, and braid children's heads.

Feminism came of age here. She learned to drive, graduated with her degree, and became a responsible employee. Gave to charity, joined her church, and tithed her money.

Feminism grew up here. Feminism married her husband and had two kids. Fed them and raised them and held them when they bled. Feminism graded their schoolwork, read them bedtime stories, and tucked them into bed.

Feminism lived in this town. She valued being an upstanding citizen and a loving spouse. Started a business and bought her family a house. Demonstrated against racism, lived anti-racism, and asked her Church why women's leadership was not allowed.

Feminism grew old here. She babysat her neighbor’s toddlers and taught them to give thanks for their food. She cooked at church potlucks and served baked goods. She sewed blankets, knit beanies for babies, and donated winter coats with hoods. She cared for her husband as he died and buried him in the small churchyard by the woods.

In this town, Feminism gets old. She was once a young woman. Full of life and hopes and dreams. She was well-respected by her fellow townsfolk and appreciated and esteemed. But now the Town’s folk say, “Feminism is ‘getting old’ here,” “She’s just not that relevant and we don’t understand her. We’ve come not to like her- why should she stay?”

They have clearly never heard her pray. Never heard her dreams for them that, One Day, they live in a better world. That they won’t have to live under an abusive father as a little girl. Pray that tomorrow there will be one less racist in the world. Pray sexism is Seen as a sin. Pray that People are alarmed at their Separations from God, from themselves, and from Women.

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  • Gerry Conedy2 months ago

    Beautiful thoughts. Powerful

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