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In the Waiting Room

by Suze Kay 5 months ago in sad poetry

"I know it's high time for a hurricane tide."

In the Waiting Room
Photo by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash

The last time we came, your neighbor’s plastic

Florida pink flamingos had been carried away

by a hurricane tide, or maybe an act of God.


They’re back.

They stare at the smooth again beach, which has lost

its rocky storm dress of nets and bones and house parts.

They are lopsidedly begging for the next natural disaster,

which will relieve them of their misery.



Sometimes I catch you staring at the sea,

your eyes assimilating into Florida too.

I know the dunes have grown past my waist.

I know it’s high time for a hurricane tide.

I know you’re tired,

but don’t beg yet.

sad poetry

Suze Kay

Surrounded by all things bright and beautiful, writing all things dark and gloomy.

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Suze Kay
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