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In The Rain

Finding Peace

By Alice SchellingerPublished 10 months ago 1 min read

Thunder crashes like the sound of a thousand drums

I stand in the midst of the storm and allow the rain to wash over me as I become One with nature

It is a Oneness, a Wholeness, a Completeness, that cannot be explained by the power of the mind, but instead felt in the body and the soul

It is a Oneness that is removed from form-based life and all concepts of



and Object,

and instead exists in the essence of true Being

It is here that I have found true bliss

as I move to sit in the stillness of the wet grass beneath my soaked feet

The storm continues to rage on,

drowning out the sounds of the voices calling me back inside

I don’t go, and I am not forced to

I am simply observed,

like the storm,

from the door jamb of a side entry through a kitchen

I lie down in the grass as the rain continues to fall on my skin,

drenching me and soaking through to my bones

I’ll surely have a cold and run a fever by morning,

but I don’t care.

There aren’t many moments to experience true silence, stillness, and peace,

so I will take those moments as they come

Especially during a storm

nature poetry

About the Creator

Alice Schellinger

Poet and classical literature aficionado. Lover of the arts. Creator of short stories, poems, and articles. Hostess of The SchellingtonGrin Podcast.

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