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In My Heart I Feel Contentment Swell

For The Chance To Observe Such Elegance

By Christina D. Anderson - Mega Mind EntertainmentPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Art Created by Christina D Anderson - Skype ID: diane.c.parker

Soaring through the sky so bright.

It's peaceful wings spread wide --

Harmony and creativity collide!

The beauty of its hue,

Tranquility and loyalty too.

Is the little blue wren,

Art Created by Christina D Anderson - Skype ID: diane.c.parker

With What Does The Sun's First Morning Kiss Fill Your Heart? In The Joy, How Can We Remember This Time Of Calm?

Sadness can be found in its shade,

As sometimes I feel I have nothing but broken pieces :-)

But for this majestic bird no price is paid.

Its long tail cocked with grace,

No wonder this bird has a special place.

In my heart I feel contentment swell;

For the chance to observe such elegance-

What a joyous tale to tell!

Art Created by Christina D Anderson - Skype ID: diane.c.parker

What Blue Creature Flutters By The Blue Sky And Sea? What Harmony And Creativity Abound In This Tranquil Beauty?

The blue soars through the sky with grace,

Soaring high, its beauty seen

Dances with perfect harmony

Life's sweetest gift revealed.

Breaks through the cloudy sky

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About the Creator

Christina D. Anderson - Mega Mind Entertainment

Questions and Answers in General Knowledge builds a community of like-minded readers. Writer does voice overs, graphics, articles, stories & makes Yuotobe Music #shorts on Yuotuub.

Skype: diane.c.parker - Leave message. 1-847-603-4224

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