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in memory of #24

in loving memory of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi

By F. Elle HullPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
in memory of #24
Photo by John Villablanca on Unsplash


Impossibly human.

The bite, the strike, the temperament

When threatened, the mamba comes out

Strike, strike, strike, strike

The mamba is relentless

His venom coursing through the veins

Of his foolish challengers

His coal black eyes, hungry

Defeating, intimidating, vicious

The mamba bite is always fatal

For he has no antivenin to defeat him

No mortal power can wither him

To the dust.

Strike, strike, strike, strike

The common name of the snake

Is given to no common man

Only the fastest, most protective,

most aggressive,

Tallest, biggest, lethal-est snake

Belongs to the man with the biggest, lethal-est presence.

Strike, strike, strike, strike

The crown of the kingdom sits

Comfortably atop his temples

Strike, strike, strike, strike

How fitting

The world's deadliest player

Be called after

The world's deadliest snake.

sad poetry

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