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In Medias Res

by Jennifer Regis 2 months ago in nature poetry

A not-so epic poem about an epic thing

Stone Lantern in Buchart Gardens, Victoria, BC

In medias res means “in the middle of things”

It's how Homer's epics usually start

In the middle of things

When you think about it,

If you think about it,

We all start in the middle of things

There was a time before I existed

There was a time before us

A time before them

A time before life

Before atom

Before time

There will be a time after I am gone

After the universe shudders as she takes her very last breath

And time is no longer time

In between before and after

There is life

Life happens in the middle of things

nature poetry

Jennifer Regis

Veterinarian, writer, yogini, budding tantrika, sometimes singer, wannabe dancer and all-around wild woman. Come along on my journey of self- discovery. Pronouns: she/her

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Jennifer Regis
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