In Lust

by Hope Baxter 11 days ago in love poems


In Lust
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I’m in love with you,

all that is true

But right now being away from you

brings out the devil in me.

Heat is rising

and there is no escape

from the lust creeping up inside;

it’s your touch I crave.

Right now all I need is your skin in my skin, your lips pressed against mine, your deep hushed voice whispering in my ear, telling me all the thing I want to hear, I want to feel the rush of heat as the blush rises in my cheeks, to trace my fingers down your neck and back and pull you in closer with my eyes.

I want the rhythemic pounding of you into me, I want it all, I just want to feel ecstasy.

But this separation only seems to highlight

the lust I feel in side and the distance that I cannot bare

because I need you with me for the rest of time.

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Hope Baxter
Hope Baxter
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