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In life

In life

By AnecdotePublished 4 months ago • 1 min read
In life
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There are many relationships in life, but there are very few people who maintain them. Some relations are of blood, some are of heart...|

Life's relationships

Although there are numerous connections throughout life, very few people actually keep them up. Relationships might be based on blood or heart...

Some connections last "for a few moments," while others are born or born.

Some relationships are as unbreakable as hair, but as time passes, they flex.

Some relationships call you from afar, but as soon as you get close, they distance themselves.

Some relationships can be purchased with cash, while others are created out of love.

Some marriages are

breaks even with addition and lasts even without it.

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I have found solace and joy in the art of writing. A girl who thrives on expressing thoughts, dreams, and emotions through the power of language. Join me on this journey of wordswordsđź’•

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