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in honor of all my friends who've returned home

Embracing change - Expat Life

By Confessions of an Undercover People PleaserPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Waking Up on the Other Side

I packed my stuff to move across the world

I dreamed of mysteries and adventures I would soon embark

I met people, many of them with stories I could only imagine

I treked mountains, swam oceans, crossed rivers, walked streets

I gazed out the windows of cars, buses, subways, trains, and planes

I tasted sweets, tangs, and savory euphorias

I soaked the echoes of horns, winds, birds, songs, and voices converging into a fading melody

I laughed a lot, loved a lot, cried a lot, and embraced strangers into friends

Many 'hi's. Many 'bye's. Many seasons, many shoes, many beds.

I packed my stuff to move across the world...

I open my eyes to stare at a familiar ceiling

I lay quietly in this stale room

I squint at a seemingly foreign window

Was it... just a dream?

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Confessions of an Undercover People Pleaser

Just an ordinary gal writing extraordinary stories about love, life, and lessons learned.

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