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In Case She Wakes

by Gina King 6 months ago in performance poetry
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Full lyrics of the song featured in Granny Four

Note 1: These are the full lyrics of the song sung by Irene and her grandkids in the story Granny Four

Note 2: Vocal, please enable single spacing! Readers, please imagine the verses with proper spacing. <eye roll>

We will feed her her dreams

Of the wife she could be

We will always say "I"

She will always say "we"


And on every screen

We'll be playing the lead

Together picture the man

She can help us to be


She will fill a dress well

She'll feel pretty in pink

We've poisoned every well

Watch her lips when she drinks


A good woman lifts up

A good mother feeds

The men who create,

Build, heal and lead


(Better build the walls high

Better dig the moat deep

In case she wakes)


She'll hold tight to a love

Who will help her believe

She's almost good enough

A girl can always dream


To leave a good girl behind

Is what it takes to be free

She may shed a few tears

Recall her ever so sweet


She'll be left with her doubts

On an endless replay

Wonder where she fell short

Why your voice still narrates

Why your voice still narrates


She stands tall on her feet

And she starts to shake

You had better get clear

In case she wakes

performance poetry

About the author

Gina King

Wildlife biologist, Northwesterner, reluctant passenger in this wild 21st century ride.

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