I’m Not a Star

by Ecarg Nosive 9 months ago in sad poetry

I’ve gone too far

I’m Not a Star

My heart, glass

My eyes, blind

My skin, untouched

My mind, unkind

I feel too much yet I’m empty inside

When the stars combust will I die?

Do they rivet when my glass shatters?

Do they cry when my blind eyes can’t see what matters?

Do they bleed when my skin feels alone?

Do they hate me when my mind is done?

I can’t begin to overcome all the obstacles I’ve been running from

Star dust or just a demons puppet?

I’m a corpse with strings attached and I get nothing from it

Oh but it’s not just my demons that play with me

It’s everybody in my life it seems

Who can shine brighter? Who can grow wings?

Let’s ignite her and see if she breaks

Burnt to the dust in which she was made

I’ve had enough of it, I can’t take it

I’m better off numb and faking it

The only time I’m a super star is when I’m acting out my smiles

The ones that only last for a while... nothing lasts in this empty carcass

I’m tired of fighting this

Should I let my heart become the shards I cut with?

Should I let my eyes see the blood drip?

Should I let my skin feel itself rip?

Should I let my mind feel nothing?

I already answered my question when the sky yelled at me for my confession

Nobody cares, no body listens

The stars will never be aligned in your vision

You’ll always be left behind with your wisdom

Learning to set yourself on fire before they get to you

No one can hurt you if you already do

I looked up and saw the stars twinkle

Slowly I let them fade away

I could feel the glass stabbing me

My skin, helpless

My mind, astray

The stars combusted

Yet, I’m still okay...

sad poetry
Ecarg Nosive
Ecarg Nosive
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