Wrath of the beast


pressure comes at us from every

pedigree of the spectrum

whose pulling out skeletons,

whose pulling out skeletons

we got a few of them over here

in fact, there are a couple of corpses too

boys who never had any guidance

got thrown into the wild

some survived, whilst some did not

the older i became, the more people that i lost

i hear stories of tragedy and shock every day

this boy dead, that girl got a baby

only if the blunts we smoked could

tell our stories of disdain for us

we ain’t getting fried for nothing

therapy and pats on the back are

not enough to undo years of

post-traumatic stress disorder

the same shit we saw in the hood is what’s seen in wars

and i don’t fuck with prescriptions

anymore, they mess up your brain anyway

is this why we gotta show off every fashion item we obtain

that’s our only sense of self-worth, you can’t blame us

raised off TV and video games,

the world telling us we’re going to

be famous actors, crazy ass multimillionaires

and musicians once we grow up

that’s all been a lie

we’re pissed that we’re not rich and famous

we’re pissed that we’re not as happy as we would want to be

we’re pissed whenever the weed man

doesn’t pick the phone up

that’s why that shit needs to be legalized

a generation of no guidance, no accountability

i’m my own parent, i guess

social commentary
Khali Raymond (savage writer)
Khali Raymond (savage writer)
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Khali Raymond (savage writer)

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