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by danny's world 3 months ago in social commentary
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A Dream I Dare to Dream

Photo by Sergey Vinogradov on Unsplash

i have dared to dream


my dear and eldest friend

a friend called Doubt.

i have frowned and


a denial

in which

my dear old friend

does not exist.

Doubt and i have quarrelled over folly

left each other

i have tried to leave Doubt

far behind me

in the shadows


Doubt with his black beady eyes

takes me by the hand


drags me home again.

long ago when i was but a girl

i was afraid of Doubt

for Doubt knew my insecurities

and played at them

still Doubt remains a shadow

on every place i leave behind.

and then again

when i was but a child

a new friend came to me

a friend called Fear.

at first i wept

for Fear with his long black cloak

restrained me and dared not let me go.

while once i was afraid

my darling Fear


doth keep me company

when all else have abandoned me.

i have walked through lands

far and wide

and tiptoed


with my companion Fear

in my times of desperation

i have tried to run away from Fear


he is never more than one step behind


still Fear remains my most loyal friend.

let me not forgot my

charming Melancholy

who likes to poke his head round

now and then.

from time



and time again i have walked hand-in-hand with

charming Melancholy

whose company i keep

and i weep

for such a sweet caress has Melancholy

that i cannot help

but crave it.

so dear to me are my friends

Melancholy, Doubt and Fear

i have a friend named Hope

but she is never here.

social commentary

About the author

danny's world

neurodivergent, trans writer and parent. canadian. lover of nature, animals, mythology, travel, and knowledge. doing my best to feel comfortable inside this flesh vessel i call home.

i enjoy writing gay shit and torturing my protagonists.

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