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by Tina S 3 months ago in nature poetry

About the wildfires

Photo by Marcus Kauffman on Unsplash

The world is ignited

Like a forgotten cigar

The skies are orange

We can’t continue the way we are

Our air is smoking

How will we be able to breathe?

Our trees are burning

What will shade the ground underneath?

You might feel pretty innocent

It’s not you who threw a match at the wood

It’s not all about what hit directly

It’s more about how you treat your neighborhood

The wildfires will consume what is in their path

Rolling flames travel up to 14 miles an hour

Although they are classified as natural disasters

Don’t underestimate the man’s harsh power

Only around 10 to 15 percent occur naturally

The rest are all man-made

With fuel, oxygen, and a heat source

The fire has no reason to be tamed

People have to run away

From their home to be sheltered

Can you imagine leaving

The land that you treasured

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nature poetry
Tina S
Tina S
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